Educated/Committed Caregivers


Staff are mature, responsible, educated caregivers who adore dogs and love interacting with them. Low turnover. Skilled in off-leash play group management and at least one CPR/First Aid-trained team leader is always on staff. Only positive-reinforcement methods are used to manage dogs.



Staff to Dog Ratio is 1 to 10 (1 to 15 is considered an industry-safe ratio), double-gated entryways, 6’ reinforced fencing, outdoor perimeter checks every AM to ensure fencing is secure, games of chase re-directed immediately to ensure they never escalate, 100% supervision.



40-ton sandbox, kiddie pools refreshed continually, two separate outdoor play areas (one is 4 ½ acres and the other is 1 acre), USA-made grain-free low calorie treats for good recalls, tricks, etc. 



1,500 square foot climate-controlled indoor play area (air conditioned and heated) with individual couches and beds where dogs can rest away from the others if they so choose, misting fans outdoors, hammocks, music dogs love streamed indoors, mandated nap times throughout the day.



Only 19 daycare spaces for well-behaved dogs who all get along. A formal acceptance policy is in place with defined behaviors required from dogs that participate. Dogs are evaluated individually and continually for appropriateness to group play (i.e. body language is monitored to ensure participation is enjoyed and not just tolerated). Absolutely zero tolerance for inappropriate playstyles or reactiveness.

Added Value


No additional charge for nail trims and ear cleanings if your dog is not stressed during the process (upon request). Lunches and administering medications are no-charge as well. And, if your dog loves, well, being a dog...he/she will go home either rinsed-off or 'shampooched' if they had an exceptionally muddy-good day.