About the Owner

Diane Pastor Benson is a Certified Dog Professional in Saugatuck and graduate of the dog*tec Academy. Committed to keeping the dogs in her care safe while ensuring they have a wonderful adventure, Diane and her fellow caregivers are certified in Canine First Aid/CPR and avidly pursue ongoing continuing education and professional development.    

Camp Saugapup puts clients first and is well-respected and referred to by local veterinarians, professional dog trainers, and Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue as an ideal way for busy dog owners to provide their dogs with the exercise and enrichment they need to be healthy and emotionally and physically happy. 

Diane is also a co-founder of Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue, and has over 20 years experience fostering and caring for weimaraners in her multi-dog household. She has a special place in her heart for the neediest ones, and currently she and her husband Clark have the privilege of owning, loving and caring for seven special-needs rescued weimaraners.  Together they have successfully managed kidney disease, liver disease, bloat, diabetes, blindness, epilepsy, tri-pawds, cancer, arthritis, etc. and are exceptionally capable of caring for your special-needs pup.  Special accommodations can and will be made for post-surgical care, etc.  Please don't hesitate to inquire about your special situation!