CAMP SAUGAPUP Cage-Free, Country Doggie Daycare Saugatuck, MI


Small Supervised Off-Leash Playgroups, 4-Acre Nature Trails, Playbarn

Visits by Appointment Only.

Fetch. Nap. Play. Explore.

About Us

Connect with Nature

We’re on a mission to bring real happiness by improving your dog’s connection to the natural world. Did you know spending just five minutes a day watching nature can leave humans feeling more excited, enthusiastic and less stressed? Imagine what a full day of it can do for your dog! Let us help make your dog’s world a happier place by bringing him closer to nature.   

What We Offer

The minute your dog steps paw on our campground, is the moment your family member becomes one of ours. And safety is the foundation upon everything we've built here at Camp Saugapup.  Every outdoor access point is secured with a double gate, and the 4-acre park is comprised of a natural/wooded area secured with posted 6’x6’ galvanized steel kennel panels. 

The adjacent 2-acre area consists of mowed lawn and is secured with double runs of 5' high chicken wire. Your pups will have supervised access to a 576 square foot outdoor sandbox (40 tons of sand!!!), agility toys, and over 260,000 square feet of outdoor play area!  In the event of inclement weather we have a 1,500 square foot temperature-controlled indoor playbarn equipped with elevated doggie beds and safety-conscious toys. 

Due to the environmental control we need for our own dogs, no chemicals or pesticides are ever used anywhere on the property to ensure their safety.    

The average amount of daily rest (lying down relaxing, dozing and sleeping) that most dogs require is about 17 hours.  Rest and relaxation is important to the management of biological and emotional stress as it allows the body to recover from releases of ‘stress’ hormones which can build up and become abnormal if the body is denied sufficient time to rest and recover.

Their day will include several sessions of one-hour naps, where lights are out, 'music dogs love' is streamed, and the campers are allowed to decompress from the activity of the day in the comfort of the air-conditioned/heated playbarn. And of course indoor beds are available throughout the day as well, however based on our experience, the shady trees are a bit more popular!     

We cater to a limited number of well-socialized dogs (over 40lbs.) who truly enjoy a full day of play, rest and exploration. And there are no kennels here! However we do have a handful of gazebo-like enclosures for time-outs if needed.

We also provide an extremely safe staff-to-dog ratio (<10 dogs per caregiver), and freedom for your pup to roam, explore, play, run or simply take a snooze under a shady tree.

For safety purposes, all pups admitted into the program will be behaviorally evaluated to ensure they are capable of off-leash play. Even though there is a lot of terrain on the property, we selectively choose dogs who are good-natured with other dogs and a good fit for our pack.    

Fully Insured, Experienced, and Certified in Animal Behavior, First Aid and CPR

For the past 19 years we have been loving and caring for our own rescue dogs, most of whom have special-needs.  In addition to ensuring an ultra-safe staff-to-dog ratio, our local vet is on-call for us and any special care your dog requires will be monitored and administered without fail.  Our epileptic boy needs meds every 4 hours, so we understand and live by the importance of schedules and routines.